About Us

KEFFTECH NETWORKS LIMITED is a company incorporated in Kenya in the year 2018 with an aim of rapid mind of professionalism to add value and increase the performance of other companies. Kenya being a suitable central business investment place in the region covering Eastern and Central Africa has got many challenges faced by several companies, due to lack of professionalism and efficacy in Information Computer Technology companies hence it is our interest to take the strain out of running your support services, freeing you to concentrate on the performance and profitability of your core business by providing you with the best solution that will always meet your needs.

Kefftech Networks Limited offers a wide range of products & services to help support your business.

They range from Provision of IT hardware, Software, Project Management, Telecom and Engineering Services, CCTV Installation VSAT and Solar Installation, Security consultancy among others.

Our aim is simply to provide support services is our core business, we will use our expertise and market knowledge to save you money, without compromising the professionalism and efficiency of your organization.

Our driving impetus is enormously viewed basing on the following points.

  • Providing prompt, courteous customer services.
  • Evolving different solutions to meet our customer’s demands
  • Putting our client’s interests first.
  • Responding efficiently to our customers’ needs.
  • Establishing reputation in clientele relationship


To be the preferred and inventive company in partnering with the society to provide tailor made IT solutions and general supplies and making an informed society.


To offer Professional IT and general supply services that is Reliable, affordable and Meet the Needs of our Customers.


We conduct ourselves in a fair, ethical and honest manner. We strive to make all decisions in the best interests of the clients. We are accountable and answerable for our actions.

We provide timely, professional, courteous, quality service while continually assessing and seeking ways to improve our operations and services.

We are courteous, conscientious, and respectful in our dealings with others. We take pride in our work and value the high level of knowledge, dedication, and commitment our employees bring to the job. We support our employees continued professional growth.

We recognize our role as Facilities managing resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently. We are dedicated to maintaining and providing a sustainable working environment.

We promote a collaborative, consultative, and innovative environment with our peers and customers that include listening and learning. Together, we find innovative ways to make it work and celebrate our successes.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment where Clients, employees, and other staff can succeed and thrive.

Our Team

Our team leverages experience and expertise to ensure that the customer’s needs are met beyond their expectations. The company is structured with the customer in mind and also to offer maximum returns for the shareholders.

The main departments include the Managing Directors Office, The Business Development, Operations and Support Department, Business Accounting Department and the Technical Services Departments. Each department is headed by qualified personnel in areas of that area expertise.

The other employees are well trained and have the necessary experience to deliver value to the customers in a professional manner and within agreed deadlines. They have therefore created a reputation in the market for service excellence and innovation.

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