Network Set Up & Support

Kefftech Networks Limited provide a family of comprehensive network management tools that present innovative methods for consistently and centrally managing critical network characteristics such as availability, responsiveness, resilience, and security.

We can provide total network installation and configuration, aiding you with your infrastructure design and purchase decisions.

We install the cabling, the routers and switches, and the servers and workstations. We answer the phone immediately to support any questions that may arise. We can monitor and even correct issues remotely, or provide site assistance if required.

LAN Network Installations

Installation of Servers, Workstations, Switches, Premise Cabling and wireless connections.

WAN Network Installations

Installation of Routers, Bridges, CSU/DSU, using ISDN, Frame relay, and other digital services. Currently ICT diversifications and communication within organizations is enormously growing to suit and simplify the communication of organizations.

WAN Networking is one most efficient communication linking that are being employed by most of organizations hence at Kefftech Networks Limited, we have variety of designed working networks for your office.

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